Hi! I'm Joshua Barton, the Ever-Caffeinated Infrastructure Automator.
Advocate of efficiency, reliability, frequency, and maintainability. Regularly injecting Dev into my Ops wherever and whenever it makes sense.


Install Jekyll On Windows 10 (The Awesome Way) UPDATE: Troubleshooting added to the bottom of the page Don’t Be BASHful Or is that Be BASHful? I’m not sure. That joke got away from me already. First order of business: Enable “Bash on Ubuntu on Windows” That’s right. CLICeption.... Read more

Jenkins TFS-Plugin Credential Bug Update: The issue has been resolved in release 5.2.0 Issue So you installed the TFS-Plugin into your Jenkins instance running on Windows Server 2012 R2. You followed these nice instructions to create credentials, and add your TFS collection. Easy peezy!... Read more

Adding Dynamic WPF Content With PowerShell Hello Again, World It has been a while. Life has a way of magicking off with your time, especially when you have five little wizards to look after. Feeling: Harry Potter-ish. Can’t you tell? Anywho, I thought we’d play with... Read more

Thoughts on Being a Better Teammate Bring Solutions, Not Problems The most useless vocalization in the world is a baseless or brainless complaint without intent to improve. Examples: “That code is so bad.” “This process is awful.” If you do this, you’re helping no one. In... Read more