Hi! I'm Joshua Barton, the Ever-Caffeinated Infrastructure Automator.
Advocate of efficiency, reliability, frequency, and maintainability. Regularly injecting Dev into my Ops wherever and whenever it makes sense.


Bind to Collection with Tag Helpers Short and Sweet I’m that guy that usually sends long emails, tells long stories, etc… But I’m working on that. So in the spirit of briskness: A short on using tag helpers to bind to a collection property on a... Read more

C# For PoSH Devs Part 1 UPDATES 06.02.2018: Updated Basic Syntax Differences @MarkeKraus recently pointed out that I probably missed a good chance to tell you about the differences in case sensitivity between C# and PowerShell. I added a little information in the syntax section that... Read more

From PowerShell to C# Intro It has been over a year since I last wrote a blog post. Seems strange to think of where I was then, compared to where I am now. I turned 31. Two of my kids are edging closer to... Read more

UCS Director and PowerShell Update (3/22/17): Syntax section was updated with information about when you have to escape characters, and when you shouldn’t. A new section about internal variables and a link to a screenshot from v6.5 was also added. UCS Director Intro For... Read more